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VES Matic Cube 30

VES Matic Cube 30

Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR on 30 samples simultaneously directly on the hematocrit tube. The ESR reading at the first hour is performed in 33 minutes including the mixing of samples. Host query interface.



Automated system for the direct determmination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples, 30 in a snap.

Innovative optical reading

The system can read level of sedimentation across the labels attached to the primary tube, the ESR is directly determined on the full cell count sample

Standarization & Safety

Automated mixing of sample for a thoroug disaggregation of erythrocytes and a higher accuracy of results.
The ystem measures the real sedimentation thus allowing the participation to VEQ schemes of modified blood ESR controls.

No biological risk

ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube:

  • No contact with blood;
  • No blood is withdrawn;
  • No liquid waste is produced.