When Spider Webs Unite, They Can Tie Up a Lion

When Spider Webs Unite, They Can Tie Up a Lion

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Building Healthy Communities.



Farminpex is committed to be the First Choice Healthcare and Industrial diagnostics supplier in the Greater Caribbean.
We choose to offer a wide range of high quality products and services.
We aim to form partnerships while taking care of profit and planet.



We are a dedicated and Fun-loving group of people.
We believe the world is an Abundant place.
We are Resourceful, striving to always find a solution.
We are Meticulous in our work, so you always get the best we can offer.
We continuously seek to Inspire ourselves and others.
We Nurture relationships with our customers, colleagues and suppliers. 
We take pride in achieving the highest levels of Productivity.
We work hard on ourselves so we can be Excellent.
As a team, we make the customer experience Xtraordinary!   


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