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VES Matic Cube 200

VES Matic Cube 200

Automatic instrument for the determination of the ESR directly on the hematocrit tube (190 samples/hour), using racks from the main cell counters. The first result is performed after 24 minutes. Host query interface.



Automated system for the direct determmination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples.

Innovative optical reading

The system can read level of sedimentation across the labels attached to the primary tube, the ESR is directly determined on the full cell count sample

Flexibility and versatility

Different models and brands of EDTA tubes can be processed simultaneously by the instrument, without restrictions suitable for laboratories receiving samples from different collection points greater sample stability: the test can be performed within up to 24 hours from blood collection

High productivity

continuous loading of the sample holder racks for a better work-flow in the laboratory automated mixing of samples ensuring the complete disaggregation of erythrocytes first result obtained in 22 minutes only

No biological risk

ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube:

  • No contact with blood;
  • No blood is withdrawn;
  • No liquid waste is produced.