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Ral Stainer

Ral Stainer

The staining process requires expertise, patience and a safe environment. Let’s face it: it can be a tedious task, especially for mycobacteria. Make your life easier with the RAL STAINER automated staining unit.


Compact, efficient and flexible, its original RFID (radio-frequency identification) system eliminates any potential protocol errors. Without changing your staining practices, you can ensuresafety to your staff. On top of this, a new generation of reagents offer the added benefits of easier and faster slide reading. The ideal solution for your routine analyses, RAL STAINER gives you the confidence of high quality reproducible staining.

AFB staining – be safe

A key challenge for the AFB (Acid-fast bacteria) staining process is to ensure safety. Fortunately, that goes hand-in-hand with creating instruments for simple, reliable staining. The RAL STAINER ensures standardization of the staining process with consistency that’s not technician-dependent thanks to programmable customizable protocols. This ease of workflow also means a safer environment.

  • Completely closed system
  • Reagents bottles placed directly in instrument without transfer
  • No direct handling of reagents
  • No daily maintenance required
  • Level detectors for reagents, rinsing water & waste container
  • Full traceability menu
  • Customizable, lockable user management settings
  • Waste container for easy & safe waste disposal
  • Carbon filter neutralizes reagent vapors

Don’t change your habits

If your lab has been performing AFB staining manually, you follow a strict, precise process. It is time-consuming, but the procedures were developed to be logical. Same goes for the process you use with the RAL STAINER. We realized that the easiest way for labs to adopt automation is to have it reflect the long-developed procedures. So there’s not a lot of training involved: you follow your same habits but enjoy easier, faster staining and improved standardization, reliability and safety!

  • Up to 9 protocols can be created and saved
  • Up to 20 slides loaded at the same time
  • Configurable automated drying through an integrated fan

Reagents revolution in line with WHO guidelines

WHO guidelines recommend fluorescence as the reference method for staining – and also specially notes that Thiazine Red makes reading easier, stating: “Less experience users found it easier to focus and less tiring to read the stains with coloured backgrounds (Auramine/Methylene Blue and Auramine/Thiazine Red)”. The RAL STAINER and its reagents help you ensure your lab is up to these guidelines.

  • 2 stainings – Fluorescence and Ziehl Neelsen - can be used on board
  • Easy switch from one kit to another without any cleaning
  • Bright fluorescence with no artifacts
  • Thiazine Red helps you focus on the slide, the reading becomes easier and faster
  • Unique chemical fixative solution avoids any cross contamination issue in the baths

Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country