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Power Express Laboratory Automation System

Power Express Laboratory Automation System

Greater freedom to focus on patient care. Power Express provides a total laboratory automation solution that maximizes uptime, minimizes errors and optimizes workflow. Combined with our state-of-the-art analyzers and transformative clinical IT solutions, Power Express gives your laboratory the freedom to focus more on patient care. Based on technology from a 20-year legacy in automation innovation, Power Express gives your laboratory the ability to connect all core disciplines into a single line—from sample entry to archive—to meet the needs of your laboratory today and tomorrow.


Lean automation

  • Meet patient care goals while optimally managing resources with technology that incorporates Lean principles and Six Sigma philosophies
  • Experience bottleneck-free automation due to synced module and analyzer throughput
  • Gain consistent TAT with one of the fastest chemistry and immunoassay analyzers on the market
  • Increase efficiency with hands-free reruns and add-on testing

Capacity and scaling

  • Manage todays challenges and prepare for future growth with modular instruments and connections that scale to laboratory needs
  • Achieve end-to-end synced throughput from outlet to inlet
  • Consolidate chemistry, immunoassay, hematology and coagulation analyzers on one automation line
  • Connect to our best-in-class chemistry and immunoassay analyzers, while also having the freedom and flexibility to connect to select third-party analyzers