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Phadia 250

Phadia 250

Fully automated, Phadia 250 is ideal for the medium-sized laboratories delivering 400 - 2,000 results per week.


Flexible and automated

Phadia 250 is designed for allergy and autoimmunity testing and delivery of clinical relevant test results supporting the clinicians in patient management.

  • An allergen panel detecting sensitization to 650 allergens and 90 allergen components
  • A broad autoimmunity menu covering clinically relevant autoimmunity markers for evaluation of the most common autoimmunity diseases, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease and connective tissue diseases
  • All tests can be measured from one sample
  • User-configurable reflex testing functionality


  • Throughput: 60 results/hour
  • Continuous random access
  • All reagents stored on board
  • 28-day storage of calibrations curves
  • Onboard dilutions
  • Connectable to Laboratory Automation Systems
  • Clustered set-up for increased capacity


  • Excellent consistency over time and between countries, systems, laboratories and users
  • Remote diagnostics via Phadia LabCommunity
  • The largest quality assessment program in the world.