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Labguard® 3D

Labguard® 3D

Ensure your environmental monitoring quality. LABGUARD 3D offers an all-inclusive monitoring solution to measure, monitor, record and alert on physical values in an easy and automatic way.


Does your monitoring solution meet your needs?

LABGUARD 3D meets your monitoring needs with minimum costs.
Environmental monitoring is an essential part of regulatory compliance, quality assurance, quality control and laboratory safety. LABGUARD 3D is a comprehensive environmental monitoring that can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

LABGUARD 3D helps meet quality and compliance requirements

  • Ease compliance with ISO EN 17025
  • 21 CFR 11 Compliant Software
  • Compliant with CLSI guidelines and CAP survey
  • Access to a professional database (postgreSQL)
  • Plug-and-play tools (calibration and mapping kits, calibration bath)
  • Ensures sample integrity and product performance

LABGUARD 3D is a cost-effective solution

  • One single software license, installation on virtual server
  • Reduced energy consumption; battery failure detection
  • Free up technicians’ valuable time with automated monitoring
  • Wireless ISM technology minimizes implementation cost

LABGUARD 3D offers “new”, interactive hardware design

  • 360-degree, projected visual alarms
  • Integrated screen display
  • The only transmitter with up to 4 universal inputs
  • Easy installation with automatic detection of new sensors

LABGUARD 3D monitors the environment without limitations

  • 24/7, real-time monitoring
  • Radio or Ethernet transmitters
  • Wide range of probes
  • True Web Server solution

LABGUARD 3D protects data and products during transport

  • Secure and robust (IP67) design for mobile application
  • Continuous temperature and/or humidity traceability
  • Highly visible alerts in real time when corrective action is required
  • Automatic wireless synchronization with LABGUARD software
  • No installation needed