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Chemunex® Flow Cytometry Analyzers

Chemunex® Flow Cytometry Analyzers

New Instrument Generation Real time microbial detection systems. Speed. Sensitivity. Full automation.



When probality and quality come together.
bioMerieux introduces the third generation of CHEMUNEX D-COUNT instruments with novel applications in cosmetic testing.
NEW instruments, faster, more flexible throughput, with a decreased footprint.
NEW software that guides you step by step, with new functionalities and available in several languages
NEW standardized protocol with ISO 17516 compliance validation study for Cosmetics and Personal Care products


bioMerieux releases two new CHEMUNEX® instruments, the D-COUNT® 25 and the D-COUNT® 50. One analyzer with two automation levels that can be changed to adapt to your throughput.

New protocol

In an evolving regulatory framework where “ABSENCE” of some specified microorganisms are required, we have developped a STANDARDIZED protocol with PROVEN performances (validation study available)

  • EQUIVALENT DETECTION LIMIT (<1CFU/g) between CHEMUNEX® and traditional plate ISO methods
  • 100% CORRELATION of results between CHEMUNEX® and traditional plate ISO methods on a wide range of products (skin care products, hair care products, sunscreens, color cosmetics, wipes, hygiene products…).