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Capillarys 3 Tera

Capillarys 3 Tera

CAPILLARYS 3 is much more than a new instrument. It is a unique and exclusive automation program, designed to address the current and future needs of all laboratories.


CAPILLARYS 3 TERA, offers the enhanced throughput of a 12 capillaries system, lateral access for a tube loader or a workcell configuration.

Several CAPILLARYS 3 TERA configurations are offered.

The stand alone instrument can be further upgraded with:

  • A high capacity tubes loader
  • A workcell configuration, with up to 3 instruments. CAPILLARYS 3 TERA MC is able to process either very high volumes of the same test, or batches of different tests, providing full walk-away flexibility.
  • Another option of CAPILLARYS 3 TERA is the analytical track compatibility, with CAPILLARYS 3 TERA TLA.

The CAPILLARYS 3 program offers a broad assay menu: Serum Proteins Electrophoresis (SPE), Serum Immunotyping, Hb A1c (venous blood), Hemoglobin electrophoresis (adult blood)

Coming soon: Hb A1c (capillary blood) and CDT/CDTIFCC

In the future: Hemoglobin electrophoresis (newborn on dried blood spot), Urine Proteins Electrophoresis (UPE) and Urine Immunotyping

The CAPILLARYS 3 program was developed to fulfill all laboratories’ requirements in total confidence in a fast-changing environment.

Technical characteristics


  • Proteins: from 100 tests/h for CAPILLARYS 3 TERA stand alone to 300 tests/h with CAPILLARYS 3 TERA MC configuration
  • HbA1c: from 70 tests/h for CAPILLARYS 3 TERA stand alone to 210 tests/h with CAPILLARYS 3 TERA MC configuration

Walk-away / Autonomy

  • Tube capacity: from 120 samples with the onboard loading to 600 samples with the additional tube loader
  • Test autonomy: HbA1c > 5.2 hours and Proteins > 3.2 hours**
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Automatic start-up / shut down
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Main reagents compartment with 4 flexible positions for multiple buffers
  • Secondary reagent deck with 13 flexible positions for additional reagents
  • Cooled section in the secondary reagent deck
  • Smart LCD colored touch screen with user friendly interface
  • Color-coded back lighted reagent containers

Sample types

  • Serum
  • Urine
  • Whole blood (capped tubes), venous blood, capillary blood samples
  • Cord blood
  • Dry blood spots

Positive ID & Reagents Traceability

  • RFID tagged sample racks
  • Positive sample identification with full traceability from primary tube to final result
  • Full traceability and reagents management through RFID tags for main and secondary reagents

Sampling mode

  • Batch optimization
  • Continuous sample loading
  • Direct sampling from primary tubes
  • Sampling from open and capped tubes (cap piercing)
  • Efficient mixing system with multiple sample inversions (HbA1c & Hb)


  • 12 silica capillaries
  • Migrations performed in capillaries at accurate temperature, controlled by a Sebia proprietary Peltier based regulation device 

Capillarys 3 Tera

  • Software: operated by Phoresis CORE
  • Weight: 
    • 165 lb
    • 75 kg
  • Dimension:
    • (L) 35 x (W) 25 x (H) 20 in
    • (L) 88 x (W) 64 x (H) 50 cm