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BioNexia® Strep A panel

BioNexia® Strep A panel

Rapid on-site detection of Group A Streptococcus infection. Choose the format you prefer: convenient cassette format (BIONEXIA® Strep A plus) or basic strip format (BIONEXIA® Strep A dipstick). Easy-to-perform assays. Only 5 minutes needed for a reliable result at the point of care. Cost-effective solution.


Group A Streptococcus is a bacterium commonly found in the throat causing illnesses such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Most cases of acute sore throat are of viral origin and require only symptomatic treatment. However, a patient with « Strep throat » should be treated with antibiotics. Rapid diagnostic tests performed at point-of-care locations are widely used and recommended.1,2

Our rapid Strep A tests, BIONEXIA® Strep A plus and BIONEXIA®Strep A dipstick, allow the patient to be tested and treated immediately. They help clinicians reduce the risk of severe post-streptococcal complications, minimize the spread of infection and prescribe antibiotics only when necessary.

Convenient assays for quick results

The BIONEXIA® Strep A plus and BIONEXIA® Strep A dipstick assays are both extremely easy to use and can be rapidly performed at point of care and lab sites to confirm whether the infection is due to Streptococcus A:

  • Short time to result: once the extracted sample is placed into the BIONEXIA Strep A test, the result is available in just 5 minutes, enabling immediate decision-making
  • Limited lab skills required: can be easily performed by all (clinicians, nurses, lab professionals…)
  • Only 4 simple pre-treatment steps
  • Quick User Guide printed on the box

Convenient and cost-effective solution:

  • All-inclusive kit: all components necessary to perform the test included
  • Workstation provided
  • Room temperature storage
  • Long shelf life