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BioNexia® BTA

BioNexia® BTA

Non-invasive screening and monitoring of bladder cancer. The BIONEXIA® BTA rapid test is a useful aid for screening of high-risk populations and monitoring of bladder cancer using urine specimens. Easy test procedure and interpretation. No patient discomfort. All-inclusive kit.


High-risk populations include: smokers, exposure to aromatic amines, long term users of certain medications (chloranphazine, phenacetine, cyclophosphamide), bilharziosis, Balkan nephropathy, and chronic interstitial nephritis. Early diagnosis is essential since prognosis varies strongly on the degree of disease dissemination.

Reoccurrence of bladder cancer is frequent1 and therefore monitoring is important2,3.

Why choose BIONEXIA® BTA?

BIONEXIA BTA, when combined with urine cytology, gives greater sensitivity than using cytology alone.2

BIONEXIA BTA is a non-invasive method (no patient discomfort) and extremely easy-to-use, including all the necessary components required to perform the test.

Once the sample is dispensed into the BIONEXIA BTA test, results are available in just 5 minutes.

Reading results is easy since positive results are indicated by 2 red bands and negative results show 1 red band (see image below). The control band must always be present (absence indicates an invalid result).