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Bact/Alert® 3D: Healthcare

Bact/Alert® 3D: Healthcare

Optimizing Collection to Care. The BACT/ALERT 3D instrument is a state-of-the-art, automated microbial detection system. The BACT/ALERT system offers advantages in every dimension of microbial detection testing. From its space-saving modular design to its easy touch-screen operation and flexible data management options, every size laboratory can perform microbial detection with the BACT/ALERT 3D.



BACT/ALERT 3D is used for detecting the presence or absence of microorganisms in:

  • Blood
  • Sterile body fluids

Feature and Benefits

Because it's so easy to use, BACT/ALERT 3D saves time, facilitates cross-training and helps prevent errors. This system offers immediate bottle recognition, putting you in control of bottle loading and unloading and virtually eliminating bottle handling errors during microbial detection testing. The system's automatic, built-in quality control, along with a low false positive rate and a rapid response time of this system, means you do more in less time with greater accuracy.

The latest generation of BACT/ALERT Culture Media brings the most advanced, innovative microbial growth and detection technology to your laboratory. BACT/ALERT media provide unsurpassed performance, in the detection of a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.

With flexible data management options of an automated microbial detection system, and available with many different system options, BACT/ALERT 3D allows you to choose the best configuration for your laboratory.

Plastic Bottles Mean Safety

Safety is an important consideration for any microbial testing. bioMérieux is committed to providing the safest products possible to the microbiology laboratory. BACT/ALERT bottles are made of unbreakable plastic to protect them from breakage. They are also lightweight to reduce the cost of disposal and shipping.