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The anatomic pathology lims solution. ATHENA is a complete and efficient software for Pathology workflow management. Thanks to innovative technologies, the ATHENA LIMS acts in a smart and intuitive way to support the personnel inside the Pathology Department during its ordinary routine.


The flexible architecture allows the management of different types of workflow and can be easily integrated with hospital information systems, screening programs, and electronic medical records, adapting to the individual Hospital needs and requirements. 
ATHENA guarantees the complete control of multi-site configurations, with customized user-profiles, and can be extended to include the management of external applications such as Telepathology. Furthermore, it can support the tracking of Pathology Department processes and the sharing of all data, which in turn contribute to improvements in patient care.

ATHENA provides Pathologists with a complete set of functionalities to suit their needs in:

  • Web Order Entry
  • Digital dictation and voice recognition
  • Image management and integration to Digital Pathology third party platforms
  • Embedded report editor
  • Integrated quality controls
  • Statistics and Laboratory Activity Dashboard
  • Equipment direct connectivity
  • Native Integration middleware to third party applications
  • Native flexible an adaptable laboratory tracking to support all activities and reduce clinical risk
  • Integrated management for histo-cytopathology storage and stocking of biological specimens
  • Event Notification Management.