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ASSIST is the first step of the agarose gel traceability, completing the automation of the HYDRASYS system. Designed to ensure full standardization for all pre analytical steps, ASSIST directly pipettes from the primary tube. The instrument dilutes (standard or customized mode), and applies the samples on the Sebia disposable applicators. For immunofixation, ASSIST dispenses automatically the antisera on the Sebia’s dynamic mask. Traceability is provided by barcode management on primary tubes and sample applicators for all types of HYDRAGEL tests. 

Technical characteristics

Autonomy / sample loading

  • 4 sample applicators for dispensing up to:
    • 72 protein samples
    • 9 immunofixation samples
    • 18 isofocusing samples

Sample processing time

  • HYDRAGEL 30 PROTEIN(E) < 8 min
  • HYDRAGEL 9 IF < 14 min

Sample and reagent types

  • Serum
  • Urine
  • CSF
  • Antiserum

Positive ID

  • Barcode management for primary tubes and sample applicators
  • Connection to the data management software Phoresis CORE
  • Connection to the HYDRASYS 2 SCAN analytical system

Sampling mode

  • Direct sampling from primary tubes (samples and antiserum)


  • Simple flexible setting of standard or customized sample dilutions
  • Automatic dispensing of antisera for immunofixation
  • Minimized contamination or evaporation risks
  • Easy maintenance
  • Backlight LCD screen


  • Weight:
    • 77 lb
    • 35 kg
  • Dimension:
    • (L) 18 x (W) 20 x (H) 21 in
    • (L) 45 x (W) 50 x (H) 54 cm
  • Catalog number: PN 1218
  • Related accessories not provided with instruments:
    • ​Screen, PC, UPS and printer


NOTE: Contact your Sebia representative to verify the product availability in your country.