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Rapid Hepatitis C screening in all settings. VIKIA® anti-HCV is a rapid test used for screening and as an aid in the diagnosis of Hepatitis C infections. 100% sensitivity and 99,7% specificity. Simple to use for results in just 10 minutes. Validated for near-patient testing.


Accessible Testing - Excellent Performance - A Complete Solution for the Diagnosis of Hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis caused 1.34 million deaths worldwide in 2015 according to the WHO, a burden comparable to tuberculosis and higher than HIV1. Globally, approximatively 399 000 people die each year from HCV (Hepatitis C Virus)-related complications, including cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma1. In most cases, acute hepatitis C infection is completely asymptomatic; then, most newly infected people are unaware of their infection. Of the 71 million persons living with HCV infection globally in 2015, only 20% knew their diagnosis1, a figure that is estimated to drop below 5%  some countries2. As a result, patients frequently present with already advanced disease at time of diagnosis. Increasing access to efficient diagnostics is one of the key steps towards reducing incidence and mortality of hepatitis C.

VIKIA® anti-HCV is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to the 6 major genotypes of hepatitis C virus in whole blood, serum or plasma. It can be easily performed by health-care professionals in near-patient settings, or if limited laboratory resources are available, thus facilitating screening and linkage to treatment.

Accessible Testing

  • No laboratory facilities required
  • All the material required to perform the test included in the kit
  • Easy to perform.