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Vidas® 3 Food

Vidas® 3 Food

Automated food pathogen detection system. Rapid detection, Proven technology, Workflow optimization. With VIDAS®, we offer you a high performance solution for your food pathogen detection operations.


Constantly evolving with you

For the past 20 years, bioMérieux has been committed to the continuous development of pathogen detection tests to fulfill the needs of food industries while ensuring food safety. For the first time VIDAS® UP proposes extremely fast and simplified protocols, combined with the reliability that VIDAS® is known for. These protocols were created using the cutting-edge recombinant phage protein technology

VIDAS® detection Kits for Foodborne pathogens rapid detection


Internationally recognized system

Fully automated, robust and reliable, the VIDAS® solution includes many tests that enable the detection of the mainpathogens in food products.

  • Used by more than 3500 laboratories
  • More than 40 international validations  (ISO 16140, AOAC RI, AOAC OMA…) 
Target time-to-result


international validations

Salmonella spp Next day

VIDAS® UP Salmonella

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Salmonella spp 48 hours

VIDAS® Salmonella

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Listeria spp Next day

VIDAS® UP Listeria

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Listeria spp 48 hours

VIDAS® Listeria 

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Listeria monocytogenes Next day

VIDAS® L. monocytogenes

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Listeria monocytogenes 48 hours

VIDAS® L. monocytogenes 2

ISO 16140 and AOAC OMA

Listeria spp & 
L. monocytogenes
48 hours

VIDAS® Listeria DUO

ISO 16140 and AOAC PTM

E. coli O157 (incl. H7) Same day

VIDAS® UP E. coli O157
(including H7) (ECPT)

ISO 16140 and AOAC PTM

Campylobacter spp 48 hours

VIDAS® Campylobacter 

ISO 16140 and AOAC PTM

enterotoxins A to E
Same day

VIDAS® Staphylococcal
Enterotoxins 2
 (SET 2)