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Varicella Zoster: FluoroType VZV

Varicella Zoster: FluoroType VZV

Your molecular genetic test system for detection of varicella zoster virus from swabs and cerebrospinal fluid. With a worldwide prevalence of 60-100%, varicella zoster virus (VZV) is spread widely among the adult human population.


Virus transmission primarily occurs via aspiration of infectious particles or through contact with vesicular fluids of skin lesions. Primary VZV infection is usually accompanied by a characteristic skin rash (varicella). The virus establishes lifelong persistence in ganglia. Virus reactivation, which occurs more commonly in older patients (> 50 years), usually manifests as herpes zoster (shingles). A common complication that can occur in patients with shingles is postherpetic neuralgia, with chronic pain which may even last for months. Further risk factors for virus reactivation are immunosuppression, auto-immune or other chronic diseases. If infection occurs during pregnancy or in immunosuppressed patients, VZV may lead to severe and even life-threatening complications. VZV is now recognized as a dangerous pathogen instead of merely a harmless childhood disease. Therefore, especially for atypical clinical manifestations or VZV-associated complications, fast and reliable diagnostics is crucial for timely therapy induction and effective medical intervention.

FluoroType® VZV for fast and reliable molecular diagnostics of varicella zoster virus from swab specimens and cerebrospinal fluid. Automated process steps minimize hands-on time for an efficient workflow. VZV DNA is extracted automatically with the GenoXtract® followed by amplification and detection of characteristic target sequences with real-time PCR using the FluoroCycler®96. Internal controls monitor test performance from sample preparation to test result. Interpretation of results is performed automatically by the intuitive and user-friendly Fluoro-Software®, for reliable test results within only three hours. This enables immediate initiation of suitable therapeutic measures to ensure adequate medical treatment.

Your benefits of using FluoroType® VZV

  • User-friendly: Minimal hands-on-time with automated DNA extraction for an efficient workflow. Interpretation of results is performed automatically by the Fluoro-Software®.
  • High sensitivity and specificity: Reliable detection of varicella zoster virus directly from swabs and cerebrospinal fluid with real-time PCR.
  • Fast and dependable results: Internal controls monitor test performance from sample preparation to amplification and detection. Reliable test results are available within only 3 hours.
  • Maximum flexibility: A universal test protocol allows for combination with further parameters of our portfolio. Single samples as well as high sample numbers can be analyzed efficiently according to your needs.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborate validation studies.