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It’s not uncommon for food samples to inadvertently become contaminated with control strains used in the laboratory. This leads to false-positive results which can have severe financial and regulatory implications. UV-BioTAG, our line of reference strains containing green fluorescent protein (GFP) markers, make it easy to distinguish standard microorganism strains from laboratory control strains. 


Optimized for highly visible fluorescence, UV BioTAG strains provide better stability because the GFP marker is integrated into the chromosome rather than the plasmid. With UV BioTAG, you can quickly and reliably establish whether a positive test result can be traced back to a control strain cross-contamination issue, or if it is from another source.


  • Fluoresces under UV light to distinguish QC strains from other possible contaminants
  • Instant dissolve pellet reduces preparation time
  • Ready-to-use format saves time and money
  • Refrigerated storage is easy and economical
  • Online Certificate of Analysis provides detailed strain information
  • Traceability to reference cultures ensures authenticity
  • Technical Support experts available for guidance
  • Product warranty

Applications and Test Methods

  • Enumeration Methods
  • Detection Methods
  • Demonstration of Capability (DOC)
  • Media QC
  • Validation/Verification

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Package Details

  • UV-BioTAG Swab: 6 all-in-one devices including a lyophilized microorganism pellet, ampoule of hydration fluid and inoculating swab
  • UV-BioTAG Vial: 6 lyophilized microorganism pellets in glass vials
  • Illustrated Instructions for Use.