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UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System

UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System

Efficient operation for exceptional productivity in the hospital lab Scale your immunoassay laboratory efficiently. The UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System helps laboratories running 40,000-80,000 tests per year meet peak workload demands with throughput of up to 200 tests per hour and up to 60 samples on board. Streamlined maintenance procedures mean your analyzer is available when you need it. “Load and go” simplicity frees up staff for higher value work—no pausing or standby time required. Virtually any technologist can run tests and perform routine tasks easily using the analyzer’s industry-leading intuitive interfaces. Connect the DxI 600 to automation tracks and clinical informatics systems to further enhance efficiency throughout the laboratory.


Built for scalability

  • Systems feature standardized test menus, assay protocols, instrument processes and reference ranges. Together, these features minimize training requirements and streamline inventory management tasks for labor cost savings, while providing consistent results across the healthcare delivery network
  • Results correlate across platforms for consistency in patient care
  • Continuous loading of STAT and routine samples address peak workflow requirements

Highly flexible

  • System releases the primary tube after creating an aliquot, making the system available for other uses 
  • Refrigerated compartment holds 50 reagent packs in any configuration, allowing you to customize the system menu to match your testing needs
  • Performs up to 200 tests per hour
  • Broad assay test menu and simple operation give you the ability to expand in-house services
  • Capable of integrating with automation and IT systems

Optimized for the needs of technologists

  • Load reagents and consumables without pausing the instrument
  • Load samples and walk away to perform higher value work and return to results
  • Maximize walk-away time with large onboard supply capacity
  • View monitor and indicator lights to see which supplies need replenishment
  • Remotely diagnose analyzer with optional PROService