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UniCel DxH Connected Workcell Solutions

UniCel DxH Connected Workcell Solutions

Redefining workflow. With the UniCel DxH Series of connected hematology workcells, your lab can now streamline workflow with smart workload balancing and advanced analytics—providing relevant and thoughtful workflow efficiency, while delivering comprehensive and accurate patient results.


Confidence in results

  • Achieve first-pass accuracy, efficiency and reduced review rates, driven by Beckman Coulters DataFusion technology, which combines the strengths of enhanced Coulter Principle and VCS 360 Flow Cytometry
  • Enhance visual cellular investigation of abnormal specimens using multidimensional high-definition cellular analysis  

Built-in automation 

  • Meet your lab's increasing sample testing requirements with a scalable, built-in automation solution 
  • Distribute samples automatically between the analyzers using the bi-directional sample transport system, preventing any potential for delay in sample testing and the reporting of results  
  • Improve workflow and reduce TAT with auto-rerun and reflex testing, driven by user-defined decision rules 
  • Add critical STAT samples or body fluids without the need to interrupt routine sample testing 
  • Prepare and stain slides automatically, without the need for manual intervention, based on user-defined decision rules 

Workflow efficiency 

  • Connect up to three DxH 900s with a DxH Slidemaker Stainer II to form scalable and customized workflow solutions 
  • Increase data management with database consolidation for order entry, results review (up to 90,000 results) and quality control management (30 control files, each with 150 runs per instrument) 
  • Load samples at a single instrument input buffer, or at multiple instrument input buffers, regardless of instrument position 
  • Manage pre- and post-analytical processes efficiently through our automation and clinical information systems offerings