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Umbilical Cord Blood Products

Umbilical Cord Blood Products

A selection of umbilical cord blood products that cover whole cord blood collection, stem cell extraction and secure transportation processes that cord blood banks conduct every day.


Maximize Collection

Amplify cord blood collection with an umbilical cord blood bag that has double venipuncture.

  • Two 15-gauge needles are built in to the umbilical cord blood bag

Prevent Blood Clots

Help prevent blood coagulation during umbilical cord blood collection.

  • Anticoagulant solution (25 ml CPD) is incorporated into the umbilical cord blood bag – no manipulation is required

Secure Contents

Protect cord blood with securely packaged umbilical cord blood bags.

  • Individual packaging keeps umbilical cord blood bag contents in complete isolation until use


Retain long-term effectiveness of umbilical cord blood bags in storage.

  • 4-year shelf life