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STA Compact Max 2

STA Compact Max 2

STA Compact Max 2, Innovation born from Expertise. Three years after the launch of the STA Compact Max designed for all medium size laboratories, Stago is proud to announce the launch of its new version: the STA Compact Max 2.


The ‘Max Generation’ instrument family is expanding again following the launch of the STA R Max at the beginning of this year for high throughput laboratories.

STA Compact Max® 2 STA Coag Expert software is now totally standardised with the STA R Max® to optimise user-friendliness across multi-site labs.

Max Reliability

Thanks to Stago unique Viscosity-Based (mechanical) Detection System present on all our systems, the RELIABILITY of results is ensured against optical interferences.

The Robustness of STA Compact Max® 2 has also been further improved to reduce user maintenance operations.

Max Innovation

With a new hardware design and improved ergonomics, the STA Compact Max® 2 will optimise your productivity. INNOVATION is also supported by new software features bringing expertise to every lab: Expert rules to standardise patient results validation and extended traceability to meet quality requirements.

Max Performance

Extensive walkaway capability and true STAT management to ensure a fast Turn-Around-Time, are the main features of the STA Compact Max® 2 bringing you the PERFORMANCE you can expect from a Stago system.

Max Efficiency

Samples and reagents management have additionally been enhanced and streamlined in the STA Compact Max® 2 for an even better EFFICIENCY: A new cap piercing module extends sample tubes compatibility and the software provides more flexibility to manage multiple lots and calibration curves on-board.

Discover our extensive reagents line, covering all aspects of Haemostasis from routine to the most specialised tests, including a wide range of liquid ready-to-use products, with extended on-board stability, unique pre-calibration feature and a fully barcoded management for increased safety.

STA Compact Max® 2: Enlarging the Max Generation!