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Smasher® XL

Smasher® XL

Bringing automation into your food laboratories, the AES Blue Line now includes SMASHER® XL, a bag blender designed for the quality blending of samples of larger volumes: A highly beneficial solution for your lab’s productivity.


Large sample preparation: high quality SMASHER XL

Using the patented SMASH technique, 4 paddles are designed to automatically crush your dilution bag – a technique ensuring a high level of homogeneity for your sample. 

Benefit from automation: the paddles’ speed adjusts itself according to the sample’s position.
With SMASHER® XL, a total volume of 4 litres can be inserted at once, or in two different bags, into the instrument, enabling you to test larger samples and to demonstrate high productivity.

SMASHER® XL: increase your efficiency for quality sample preparation

  • Large capacity: SMASHER® XL performance validated for samples weighingup to 375 grams
  • Rapid: your sample is fully blended and homogenized within seconds
  • Flexible: blend up to two different bags simultaneously, or a total volume of up to 4 litres
  • Efficient: 4 paddles automatically blend your sample bag – easy bag loading and unloading
  • Easy to clean: door and paddles can be easily removed, without any tool
  • Safe: paddles automatically stop once the door has been opened

AES Blue Line: a complete range of solutions

With the AES Blue Line, bioMérieux offers a complete range of automated solutions for your culture media preparation and sample preparation operations 

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