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safePICO sampler

safePICO sampler

With the safePICO blood gas syringe for arterial line and arterial puncture, you can improve your mixing and get results you can trust. The integrated needle shield device on the safePICO self-fill syringe lowers the risk of needlestick injury. The cap seals the sample entirely to prevent contact with patient blood, even during transport and analysis. The safePICO blood gas syringe is already barcoded, helping you match the sample with the correct patient.


Safety-engineered blood gas syringe helps you mix properly and get results you can trust.

  • Built-in gold-coated mixing ball helps you obtain a homogeneous sample
  • safeTIPCAP helps you remove any air bubbles without blood contact
  • Barcode helps you get a correct match between your patient and blood sample
  • Integrated needle shield minimizes the risk of needlestick injury
  • Dry electrolyte-balanced heparin reduces the risk of your sample clotting
  • The safePICO arterial line’s 1 mL label clearly shows the amount of blood you need for correct automatic mixing and measurement of all possible parameters on the ABL analyzer