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Procleix Panther System for Nucleic Acid Testing

Procleix Panther System for Nucleic Acid Testing

The Procleix Panther system combines full automation with versatility and smart operations for efficient NAT processing of blood and plasma. A comprehensive NAT screening solution in a very compact footprint.


Smart Design

Quickly access reportable results while maximizing lab space and minimizing operator interaction.

  • First results in 3.5 hours, then 5 results every 5 minutes
  • Immediate and continuous access to reportable results
  • Only 2 planned operator interactions – to load additional samples and/or consumables – for every 8 hours of operation
  • 24-hour assay calibration without end-of-run controls
  • Compact footprint of less than 1 m2 (10.76 ft2)
  • System easily scales and flexes with testing volume over time

Simple Operation

Streamline operations with quick and easy installation and training, user-friendly software and automated maintenance.

  • Fast 2-day installation time
  • Streamlined 3-day operator training
  • Real-time guidance and status updates across all functions with a simple, task-driven touchscreen
  • Visual- and audio-guided system operation
  • Programmable system maintenance during lab off hours
  • Real-time inventory of reagents and consumable material

Versatile Capabilities

Maximize workflow flexibility with continuous loading samples and full solution integrations.

  • Load pooled and individual donor testing (IDT) samples anytime they arrive and continuously release results to increase lab responsiveness to patient care
  • Process and obtain STAT results for high priority samples without delay
  • Continuously access samples and reagents throughout run
  • Accommodate multiple tube barcode formats and all industry-standard tube sizes
  • Pool and archive samples with the Procleix Xpress system
  • Centralize and integrate all NAT steps with Procleix NAT Manager software