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Previ® Color Gram

Previ® Color Gram

A market-leading automated Gram stainer PREVI® COLOR sprays confidence in your lab! Standardization – slides are all stained the same way. Up to 30 slides ready in 5 minutes. Eco-friendly system. Staining adjustable to your practices/habits.


These days, your microbiology lab faces increased staffing, time and workflow pressures. Yet you cant let that influence your quality standards: accuracy, time-to-results and full traceability for accreditation. Automated and designed for intuitive workflow, PREVI® COLOR GRAM gives you confidence in the results you provide. It makes Gram staining easy and safe while ensuring accurate, standardized results in minutes.

Accurate standardized staining

PREVI® COLOR GRAM is an automated Gram stainer system that provides accurate, standardized results for all types of specimens.

  • Standardized staining – innovative spray nozzles always
    dispense the same reagent volume
  • No cross contamination – each slide separated & fresh staining reagent used each time
  • Improved microorganism differentiation compared to
    manual and bath staining results
  • Full traceability of reagents, users and maintenance – troubleshoot problems & ensure compliance
  • User management to ensure standardization of the process

Clean and safe staining

Use of hazardous reagents in the Gram staining process is a safety concern, especially when it’s done manuallyPREVI® COLOR GRAM has been designed with your safety in mindAnd its smart cleaning and disposal features are convenient and environmental responsibility too.

  • User Safety
    • Ready-to-use, closed reagent bottles
    • Integrated reagent waste container to avoid user contact with waste
    • Low toxicity of crystal violet
    • Level sensors avoids waste spillover
  • Clean & convenient
    • Self-contained waste system (no need for a sink)
    • Automated cleaning after 3-hours shut-off
    • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Waste container
    • Less waste: economically uses just enough reagent needed

Intuitive workflow

Your lab is continually being asked to do more with less – so you need to make the most of your time and workflow. Manual Gram staining is a time-consuming, demanding procedure. PREVI® COLOR GRAM’s automatedintuitive workflow makes your life easier.

  • Simply Load & Go (just 2 handling steps!)
  • Easy intuitive touch screen
  • Customize & program protocols to suit your needs
  • Rapid results (3-5 minutes)
  • Fully automated process from fixation to slide drying
  • Improved lab workflow with single or batch slides possible
  • Can be integrated with Full Microbiology Lab Automation
  • Convenient, compact system adjusts to your lab

Optional cytocentrifuge function

Get added flexibility and function by turning your PREVI® COLOR GRAM into a full-featured cytocentrifuge system with the ingenious optional PREVI™ ROTOR.

  • Economical (2 instruments in 1!)
  • Safe & reliable with airtight carousel
    • Can be loaded/unloaded under laminar flow hood
  • Flexible:
    • Choose single or dual chambers (expand from 8 to 16 slides)
    • Adjust speed, acceleration rate, time
    • Easy-to-use programmable memory
    • Easily switch between staining & cytocentrifuge

Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country


Optimizing laboratory productivity and providing clinicians with faster and more standardized results for better patient care.

Why it’s important

  • Gram staining is a critical and mandatory test performed in the microbiology laboratory.
  • It is a preliminary step used to differentiate between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • The Gram stain is particularly useful in the presumptive diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, gonorrhea, and infections of the brain, lung, abdomen, and wounds.
  • Traditional Gram staining is a fastidious and long procedure, requiring technical expertise, numerous manual steps and therefore lacking in reliability and reproducibility.

PREVI® Color Gram

  • bioMérieux developed a rapid, automated system for Gram staining that frees lab technicians’ time for more value-added tasks.
  • PREVI Color Gram is used for the automated gram staining of sample slides containing microorganisms.
  • Its innovative spray technology represents a breakthrough in the automation of microbiological analysis, enabling:
    • increased time-savings and standardization,
    • reliable results,
    • improved laboratory workflow,
    • substantial cost savings,
    • environmental protection: just enough reagent is used for the number of slides programmed and reagent waste is collected in a dedicated container.
  • PREVI Color Gram is part of bioMérieux’s range of fully-automated solutions for microbiology laboratories, including WASP®  (Walk Away Specimen Processor) for the automated inoculation of culture media.