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PMI™ + XY500

PMI™ + XY500

Systems for more efficient tube, bottle and plate filling. The PMI™ (High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser) and XY500 (Robotic Module) are complementary systems to bring greater efficiency and precision to your culture media preparation. You can fill tubes, bottles or plates manually with PMI™ or add the XY500 to fill tubes and bottles automatically. Part of the BLUE LINE™.


Standardize your dispensing

With BLUE LINEs PMI peristaltic pump and XY500 automated arm module, you can rapidly, easily and reliably dispense culture media for tubes, bottles or plates. Use the PMI instrument to distribute manually in tubes, bottles, or Petri dishes. If you need greater capacity and efficiency, use it with the XY500 module for automated filling of tubes and bottles.

  • Gain excellent accuracy and reproducibility, compliant with ISO 7218, ISO 6887-1 & ISO 15189
  • Dispense low volumes with 1% accuracy
  • Dispense agar, broth or diluent with < 2% accuracy for doses up to 20 litres

The PMI™ and XY500 dispensing instruments are, easy to use, boost your productivity, and offer you traceability. 

Improve your lab workflow

PMI™ XY500
  • Compact instrument
  • Intuitive interface
  • LED displays for system status
  • Flow rate up to 1.6l/min with 2% accuracy
  • High-performance tubing sets with long life expectancy
  • Easy loading of tubes
  • Minimum handling:
  • Automatic traceability
    • Fast and easy calibration
    • Fully automated multi-dose mode
    • Store up to 50 programs
  • Easy to program
  • Easy loading of tubes
  • Fill two racks of 252 tubes each in the same cycle
  • Automatically fill up to 1 900 tubes/hour (9ml)
  • Automatically fill up to 280 bottles/hour (with 225ml)




Evolve with your needs

PMI™ XY500
  • 4 diameters of ready-to-use tubing sets (ID 1.6 to 6.4mm)
  • Adjustable speed up to 600 rpm
  • Compatible with MASTERCLAVE® to prepare culture media and pour Petri dishes
  • Customizable labels
  • 4 different 96 tube racks available
  • One large rack for up to 250 tubes
  • Fill all types of bottles, tubes, vials up to 200mm height
  • Aluminum racks can be directly autoclaved

BLUE LINE™ advantages

The PMI™ microbiology dispenser and XY500 automatic arm module are part of the innovative BLUE LINE™ system for automated production of homemade culture media. With this flexible system, you select the equipment and accessories that best meet your production and operational requirements as well as your budget – plus the system evolves with your needs.

Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country