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Phadia Quality Club

Phadia Quality Club

Constant improvement is key to providing qualitative test results in an efficient manner. Quality Club is an assessment program that monitors laboratory performance.


Through a system of monthly reports, participating labs can evaluate their testing procedures to help maintain reliable, accurate test results.

Members of Quality Club are part of the world’s largest testing community; a community committed to monitoring and maintaining high quality testing performance. With a membership of over 800 laboratories in more than 50 countries, Quality Club helps set the international standard for diagnostic testing.

Excellence in the laboratory

As a member of Quality Club, you can:

  • Assess laboratory performance against the highest quality standards.
  • Note system errors and calibration problems.
  • Maintain high accuracy and reliability in test results.

Quality Club helps laboratories achieve superior testing performance and gain the confidence of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Quality assessment made easy

As a member of Quality Club, you will receive a program kit containing reagents and materials for 4 months’ use. Each month, simply assay serum from 1 or 2 vials and register the results on ImmunoDiagnostics website. You will then receive:

  • Detailed, confidential monthly reports that will help to monitor laboratory performance.
  • 12-month summary reports to assess long-term performance
  • Priority access to local and international support teams that provide direct, hands-on assistance.