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NATtrol™ Molecular Controls

NATtrol™ Molecular Controls

Globally, millions of people are tested for infectious diseases every year. The implications of reporting either a false positive or a false negative can be devastating to the patient.


Accurate and sensitive diagnostics are necessary to confirm that laboratories are providing patients with proper testing results.

Utilizing ZeptoMetrix™ NATtrol™ Molecular Controls on a consistent basis helps to monitor testing performance and provides additional confidence in the quality and reliability of laboratory operations.

NATtrol™ (Nucleic Acid Testing Control) products are the industry’s preferred standard for molecular diagnostics testing and can be used as independent (third party) quality control materials. NATtrolTM products are prepared from purified microorganisms that are grown in either cell culture, microbial culture or isolated from the plasma of infected individuals.

The NATtrol™ treatment modifies the surface proteins and renders the organisms non-infectious and refrigerator stable, while retaining the complete genome. The inactivation of organisms is verified by absence of growth in either validated tissue culture-based infectivity assays or in validated growth protocols (as applicable).

  • Non-infectious and refrigerator stable
  • Purified, intact organisms
  • Full process controls to monitor extraction and amplification steps
  • Available in different formats (single or multiple analytes)
  • Can be used across various molecular testing platforms and assays
  • Traceable to WHO International Standards (where available)
  • 12-24 months shelf life
  • Broad patent coverage* and/or pending patents

Frequent use of NATtrol™ Controls may be used to:

  • Train and monitor laboratory personnel
  • Evaluate lot-to-lot consistency of test kits and assay reagents
  • Monitor daily variations in reported results
  • Provide unbiased, independent testing proficiency Assessment
  • Provide consistent, reliable and accurate Quality Control solutions
  • Assist in identifying laboratory trends


*Patent Pending