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The Complete Connection to Better Patient Care. Inefficiencies in the microbiology lab lead to slower response, higher costs and decisions made with incomplete information - impacting patient care. Clearly, the performance of the microbiology lab can significantly influence a hospital's reputation.


The first truly intelligent middleware, MYLA addresses the complexities inherent in the microbiology laboratory environment improving connectivity, workflow and information management. Proactive approach helps users recapture time by gaining in efficiency.

MYLA provides real-time visibility of all events for the diagnostic systems connected. She uses an internal push technology to constantly provide workload status updates for each workstation. Critical patient results are also automatically pushed to the attention of the appropriate healthcare professional. The user is always in full control of the workflow.

Provides the lab an actionable, comprehensive picture to rapidly impact patient management.

Myla Connectivity

Transform Data Into Information

With rich connectivity, MYLA allows collection, consolidation and transmission of results in real-time to facilitate specimen validation and rapid reporting.

  • Open connectivity to multiple microbiology lab instruments
  • Remote, browser-based secure access
  • Simplifies interface management
  • Optimizes instrument up-time

Frees up time to allow microbiology lab to make full use of employee expertise.

Myla workflow

Recapture Time and Better Use Resources

Optimize the use of the technologists time and improve resource balancing and workflow processes through and end-to-end visibility of the entire testing flow.

  • User interface organized in active dashboards, real-time workload and “to do lists”
  • Notification of major workflow issues and late processing
  • Process and quality indicators based on real-time metrics
  • Guidance for test processing decisions

Pushes actionable information to users to help eliminate bottlenecks and provide results sooner.

Myla information management

Take Information Availability to the Next Level

Recapture time spent on information reporting activities through automated, intelligent information consolidation and deliver an actionable, comprehensive picture to rapidly impact patient management.

  • Information push versus pull technology accessible anywhere using a browser interface even from their tablet
  • Graphical representation of specimen workflow always visible
  • Remote alerting of critical events and automate display of trending bacterial resistance
  • Consolidated patient information always accessible

Delivering outstanding, cost-effective care to your patients is highly dependent on your physician’s ability to access the right information at the right time.

Before MYLA information was dumped in different silos making it difficult to share. Now, MYLA interfaces with laboratory instruments and LIS to link all information into a single, robust dashboard for quality improvements and efficiency gains.