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Laboratories throughout the world have been praising the KWIK-STIK for decades. That’s because its simple, all-inclusive design makes life easier for lab techs while reducing chances for errors. Each KWIK-STIK contains a qualitative lyophilized microorganism pellet, ampoule of hydrating fluid and inoculating swab.


Everything you need to grow reference cultures for QC testing is included in this one handy device. Available in packs of 2 or 6, KWIK-STIKs are universally used for all types of microbiological control testing.


  • Over 900 strains available
  • All-in-one design reduces the risk of contamination
  • Strains are less than or equal to three passages from reference culture
  • Ready-to-use format saves time and money
  • Refrigerated storage is easy and economical
  • Online Certificate of Analysis provides detailed strain information
  • Traceability to reference cultures ensures authenticity
  • Technical Support experts available for guidance
  • Product warranty

Applications and Test Methods

  • Culture Purposes
  • Daily QC
  • Verification and Validation
  • QC of Identification Systems and Assay Kits
  • QC of Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test

Package Details

  • User-friendly design with a lyophilized microorganism pellet, ampoule of hydrating fluid and inoculating swab
  • Packs of 2 or 6
  • Also available in QC sets and panels. Each QC Set and Panel is specially designed to contain the control strains recommended by the instrumentation manufacturer or regulatory standard.