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iRICELL Series  Urinalysis Workcell

iRICELL Series Urinalysis Workcell

Integrated urinalysis workcells deliver standardized and accurate results. The iRICELL series combines urine chemistry and microscopy in a fully automated, walk-away workcell that is easy to use and maintain. Optimize and advance urinalysis and body fluid testing in your laboratory with proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology that uses Auto-Particle Recognition (APR) software to deliver standardized and accurate results.


Increased clinical confidence

  • Digital Flow Morphology and APR software deliver standardized results for improved accuracy
  • Multiple parameters provide a complete picture of specimen status for better insight
  • Quality results support better patient management
  • Urine culture indicator checklist assists in highlighting samples that may require urine culture

Improved workflow

  • On-screen verification of results improves TAT
  • Edit Free Release technology auto-releases results based on user-defined parameters to increase walk-away efficiency 
  • Auto-classification of 12 particle types with 27 sub-categories reduces manual reviews and repeat testing