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ImmunoCAP Rapid

ImmunoCAP Rapid

Rapid result for first-line evaluation ImmunoCAP Rapid lets you generate a patient's IgE profile within minutes, resulting in a first-line evaluation of patients with allergy-related symptoms.


ImmunoCAP Rapid is a point-of-care device for evaluation of patients with allergy related symptoms. It contains ten allergens that constitute a symptom and age oriented allergen profile. The test results are qualitative or semiquantitative (US and Japan) and are read visually or with help from a color guide (Japan) or a separate reader (US).

ImmunoCAP Rapid generates a reliable, easy-to-understand IgE profile of both children and adults with symptoms of wheezing and rhinitis.

The test result provides direction on further action to take – such as appropriate medication and /or referrals – right in the physician’s office.

The clinical value has been demonstrated in clinical studies:

  • More than 95% of the allergic patients studied were identified with ImmunoCAP Rapid.
  • ImmunoCAP Rapid has a high positive predictive ability to identify triggering allergens in allergic patients.
  • There is a good correlation between positive ImmunoCAP Rapid results and specific IgE results above 1 kua/l measured with ImmunoCAP laboratory tests.
  • ImmunoCAP Rapid is easy to perform and gives readable results in 20 minutes. It can conveniently be employed in the physician’s office.
  • ImmunoCAP Rapid generates and IgE allergy profile of children and adults with symptoms of wheezing or rhinitis. Just place a drop of blood in the sample well, wait 20 minutes and read the results as colored bands.