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ImmunoCAP ISAC Multiplexing

ImmunoCAP ISAC Multiplexing

When you need the bigger picture in allergy. Trying to find the original cause for allergic reactions can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is especially true when symptoms and case history are inconsistent, the patient is multi-sensitized or shows unsatisfactory response to the treatment.


Go forward with ImmunoCAP ISAC

ImmunoCAP ISAC is a highly advanced tool for revealing the patients IgE antibody profile. It is the result of a combination of innovative biochip technology and cutting edge research in molecular allergology.

ImmunoCAP ISAC is the only in vitro diagnostic test for simultaneous measurement of specific IgE antibodies to a broad spectrum of allergen components.

Biochip technology

Based on modern biochip technology, ImmunoCAP ISAC is a miniaturized immunoassay platform where allergen components are immobilized in a microarray.

This advanced technology enables measurement of IgE antibodies to a fixed panel of 112 components from 51 allergen sources in a single step, using only 30 ul of serum or plasma.

ImmunoCAP ISAC is the first multiplex in vitro diagnostic tool for the allergy specialist that is based exclusively on allergen components.