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Real-Time PCR Solution for Pathogen Detection. Molecular pathogen detection has never been simpler, faster or more flexible.


GENE-UP Overview

In todays ever-evolving food marketplace, nothing is more important than product safety. To protect your customers, your company and your reputation, you need a fast and simple method of detecting pathogens.

With GENE-UP, you’re not just getting an intuitive, real-time PCR solution for pathogen detection, you’re getting 50 years of microbiology leadership from a vigilant team that embraces the highest standards in microbiology safety. What’s more, our dedicated Customer Support and Scientific Affairs teams will work closely with you, ensuring that you can easily take full advantage of the GENE-UP system.

How GENE-UP Works

Step 1: Sample Preparation and Enrichment

  • Standardized protocol and workflow
  • Single enrichment
  • Incubation time between 8-24 hours

Step 2: Simplified Lysis

  • Optimized productivity with Magic Cap
  • 5-minute mechanical lysis

Step 3: Amplification and Detection

  • Same PCR run for all parameters
  • Accurate results within one hour
  • Higher level of specificity
  • Real-time PCR analysis coupled with end-point melt peak analysis

GENE-UP Benefits

FRET technology & Melt analysis

  • Increase profitability by reducing product waste
  • Decide with confidence by lessening the number of questionable results
  • Unrivaled specificity

Rapid results

  • Speed up your decision process
  • Improve your manufacturing efficiency
  • Decrease your storage cost
  • Increase sales profit

Ease of use

Unique & Patented lysis reagent
5 minute generic lysis step

  • Improve Productivity
  • Facilitate lab workflow
  • Manage pick of activities
  • Decrease cross contamination risk
  • No need to work in batches (i.e. Gram + & Gram – follow the same lysis step)

Limited training required


Remote routine software

  • Speed-up your decision process

Generic Lysis step

  • Facilitate lab organization & workflow

Room temperature storage

Open Platform

  • Answer to your alternative testing needs (including foodborne viruses)