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Gel traceability step 3: high resolution images for precise quantification of all fractions. GELSCAN is the most advanced densitometry scanning system, specially designed for Sebia HYDRAGEL products.


The system ensures high definition optical density measurements and precise quantification of the fractions, GELSCAN utilizes the CCD technology and a 16 bits data processing, allowing rapid reading and direct visualization of gel images.

GELSCAN provides an easy and accurate validation process.

Technical characteristics

Autonomy / sample loading

  • One gel of any size
  • Gel reading and processing time
    • One gel of any size: < 1 min


  • High resolution image
  • Two-dimensional measurement
  • Direct visualization of the gel
  • Accurate optical density measurement
  • Precise quantification of fractions

Reading specifications

  • Reading process by transmission
  • Automatic correction of light source heterogeneity
  • Automatic detection of the electrophoretic track position on the gel
  • Perfect stability of the system during data capture

Positive ID

  • GELSCAN connection to Phoresis CORE software provides continuous traceability from primary tubes (ASSIST pipetting station), through gel processing (HYDRASYS), to final results.


  • Weight:
    • 9 lb
    • 4 kg
  • Dimension:
    • (L) 18 x (W) 11 x (H) 7 in
    • (L) 46 x (W) 29 x (H) 18 cm
  • Catalog number: PN 1206
  • Related accessories not provided with instruments:
    • ​Screen, PC, UPS and printer