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FluoroCycler® 12

FluoroCycler® 12

The FluoroCycler® 12 is an optical thermal cycler for fast and reliable processing of the FluoroType® tests. Operation and evaluation is done using the Fluoro-Software®.


Together with a computer we provide you the FluoroCycler - System which offers you highest flexibility: Eight different FluoroCycler 12 units can be connected to one computer and controlled individually. Different test systems can be processed in parallel or time defined. For efficient daily routine, the FluoroCycler® 12 is delivered with all relevant programs for processing and evaluating the FluoroType® test systems from Hain Lifescience.

Your benefits with the FluoroCycler® 12

  • Highest flexibility: Eight different FluoroCycler® 12 units can be connected to one computer and controlled individually offering you highest flexibility in your daily lab routine.
  • Intuitive handling: The preinstalled Fluoro-Software® is easy to use and guides you in only a few steps through the program setup. A short period of vocational adjustment is ensured.
  • Cost-effictive: The FluoroCycler® 12 convinces with low initial costs. Depending on the processed tests and sample throughput the number of connected units can be selected individually.