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EasyCount 2

EasyCount 2

Automated colony counter. Accurate colony counting. Cost-effective. User-friendly.


EasyCount 2 is semi-automated colony counter. It is ideal to perform challenge tests on cosmetic products.

EasyCount 2: efficient colony counter

With its digital color video camera, EasyCount 2 performs extremely rapid (± 1 second per plate) colony counting. Easy-to-use, it provides you with accurate results, whether you wish to analyze a whole plate or just a selected sector.

The EasyCount 2 software is very intuitive and interactive, and enables you to see live, full color on-screen images of counted colonies. It is ideal for pour plates and spiral plates.

Simplify your challenge tests with EasyCount 2

  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely rapid counting
  • User-friendly and interactive software
  • Compact device : saves bench space

EasyCount 2 Lite

The EasyCount 2 range also includes EasyCount 2 Lite: a fully computerized imaging lightbox for manual colony counting – manual selection on PC screen - for pour plates and spiral plates.

This system ensures full traceability by automatically saving plate IDs, count and color image.

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