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Dilumat® range

Dilumat® range

Automated food sample diluters. Extremely rapid. Easy-to-use. Great flexibility. Part of the AES Blue Line™, both DILUMAT®® START and DILUMAT®® EXPERT EVO diluters are fully automated and demonstrate high performance in food sample preparation.


Standardized sample preparation with the DILUMAT range

Our brand new range of automated DILUMAT diluters includes two solutions adapted to meet the needs of your activity: DILUMAT START & DILUMAT EXPERT EVO.

With automated solutions for your sample preparation, your will standardize your sample preparation process and increase your lab productivity. You can dilute food samples from 3g to 375g.

Why choose the DILUMAT® range for your sample dilutions?

Proven high-performance

  • DILUMAT® diluters meet BAM and ISO 7218 requirements
  • Reduced risk of contamination thanks to the fully open access to the dilution bag
  • Automatic traceability, including communication with RFID tags

Great flexibility

  • 2 different instruments: DILUMAT® START & DILUMAT® EXPERT EVO
  • ​3 dilution speeds adapted to sample type
  • Only one instrument for samples from 3g to 375g
  • Possibility to upgrade to XL configuration for large samples (375g)

Time-saving instrument

3 high dilution speeds

  • 25g   1:10 dilution in 10 sec
  • 375g  1:4 dilution in less than 30 sec
  • 375g  1:10 dilution in less than 80 sec

Ease of use

  • No operator intervention with Autostart mode
  • Color-changing LEDs to inform user about dilution status
  • Intuitive software