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DG Gel Blood typing card range

DG Gel Blood typing card range

DG Gel cards are a unique 8-column gel card featuring column agglutination technology (CAT) for blood group typing and investigating unexpected antibodies.



Use DG Gel Cards to simplify stock management and easily upgrade laboratory instruments.

DG Gel cards have been validated to work with:

  • Reagent Red Blood Cells 0.8%
  • Antisera for DG Gel cards
  • Any combination of DG Gel instruments


Customize testing with gel cards designed for a wide range of laboratory needs.

  • Unique and exclusive profiles via the original 8-well format
  • Complete determinations in a single card, including control well
  • Combine DG Gel Coombs and Neutral cards with a wide range of Reagent Red Blood Cells 0.8% and Antisera


Easily interpret results from clear, consistent and stable measurements.

  • DG Gel composition, column shape and card processing features help deliver high performance
  • Control well included
  • Grifols has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing gel cards to the highest quality control standards
  • DG Gel cards are CE marked and FDA approved (see specifications tab for availability per country)