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VES Matic Cube 30 Touch

VES Matic Cube 30 Touch

Sed Rate at your fingertips! Automatic continuous loading instrument for the determination of ESR on 30 samples simultaneously directly on the hematocrit tube. USB and Bluetooth connector for personal computer, smart-phone and tablet. Internal bar code reader for positive sample identification and printer.


  • 30 results in 25 minutes
  • Compact and easy to use 
  • Touch screen interface
  • Environmentally and user friendly 
  • Batch and continuous loading of samples 

No dedicated citrate tube needed. The test is performed on blood samples collected in the same top lavender tubes used for full blood count.


Automated system for the direct determmination of ESR in blood/EDTA samples, 30 in a snap and/or random access. Automatic mixing, internal bar-code reader and printer.

User friendly

Continuous loading of samples, touch screen interface, USB port and Bluetooth connection to PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Environmentally friendly

No production of waste materials, no extra-costs for waste disposal

No biological risk

ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube:

  • No contact with blood;
  • No blood is withdrawn;
  • No liquid waste is produced.