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Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancets

Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancets

The innovative ergonomic design of the Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancets allows for a more comfortable grip. The lancet automatically retracts into the device, which prevents the lancet from being reused. In addition, the lot number is laser etched on each lancet for easier tracking.


The BD Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancet has been designed with a positive patient experience in mind. The contact activation method facilitates a consistent puncture depth, and minimizes the likelihood of having to repeat the puncture. It covers only a small area at the contact point, resulting in improved visibility of the puncture site for the clinician and greater accuracy of lancet positioning when performing the puncture.


Color: Purple
Blood Volume: Low Flow
WxD (mm): 30G x 1.5 mm


Color: Pink
Blood Volume: Medium Flow
WxD (mm): 21G x 1.8 mm


Color: Blue
Blood Volume: High Flow
1.5 mm x 2.0 mm