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Capillarys 2 Neonat Fast™

Capillarys 2 Neonat Fast™

Exclusive capillary electrophoresis technology for high-resolution separation and complete walk-away automation, from hemolysate preparation to final color-coded results.



Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 Neonat Fast™ The best Choice in Newborn Hemoglobin Screening. Exclusive capillary electrophoresis technology for high resolution separation and complete walk-away automation, from hemolysate preparation to final color-coded results.

  • Sebia CAPILLARYS 2 Neonat Fast ™ offers High-resolution Hb separation :
  • Clear separation between Hb A2, Hb E and Hb C
  • Full separation of Hb D from Hb S
  • Clear visibility for Hb H and Hb Bart’s
  • No interference of glycated Hb and other Hb adducts
  • Detection of rare variants


  • Complete Walk away
  • High Throughput
  • High - resolution
  • Easier to interpret 
  • clear-cut and precise profiles with no other interfering substances :
  • Direct automatic software selection of abnormal patterns (through a color code)
  • Excellent sensitivity to detect variants in premature newborns
  • Automatic presumptive orientation of the variants by identification in its migration zone or potential beta-thalassemia context
  • Capacity to differentiate homozygote from heterozygote subjects
  • The profile is re-centered on HbF
  • Hb A, Hb F automatically identified
  • Relative quantification of different fractions
  • Separation of Hb variants in specific zones


  • Faster operations / Less errors
  • Color-coded profiles allow for faster results validation
  • Clear cut separation
  • Improved customer satisfaction               
  • Optimized workflow
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Fast & highly efficient separation
  • excellent resolution and reproducibility

Technical specificactions

Continuous sample loading

Throughput: 48 samples/hour

Clear-cut and precise profiles:

  • Only hemoglobin fractions are displayed, no other interfering substances
  • No baseline drift, no artifact peaks
  • No separation of glycated hemoglobin and other Hb adduct.

Sample types
Dried Blood Spot, Whole blood (capped tubes), venous blood, capillary blood samples, Cord blood   

Positive ID & Reagents Traceability

  • Barcoded racks and tubes: high resolution built-in barcode reader
  • Positive sample identification: full traceability from primary tube to final result
  • Barcoded reagents and controls

Sampling mode

  • Initial loading: 13 racks, 104 tubes (8 samples/rack)
  • Full automation with continuous loading
  • Direct sampling from primary tubes & Dried Blood spot
  • Sampling from open and capped tubes (cap piercing)
  • Efficient mixing system with multiple sample inversions


  • 8 silica capillaries
  • Migrations performed in capillaries at accurate temperature controlled by a Sebia proprietary Peltier based regulation device.

Software: PHORESIS software, fast validation via Mosaic Screen with color-coded results