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Borreliae: FluoroType Borrelia

Borreliae: FluoroType Borrelia

Your fluorescence-based molecular genetic test system for the sensitive detection of borreliae directly from patient specimens.


Based on an innovative, fluorescence based technology, FluoroType Borrelia allows for the reliable detection of borreliae from synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and blood.

Isolation of bacterial DNA is performed automated with GenoXtract®. The subsequent amplification and detection with the use of specific fluorescence-labelled probes takes place in the closed system of the FluoroCycler®. Thus, a valid result can be obtained after only three hours.

Your Benefits with FluoroType® Borrelia

  • High sensitivity and specificity: The detection of highly conserved DNA sequences allows for the sensitive identification of pathogens belonging to the B. burgdorferi sensu lato complex within only three hours.
  • User-friendly procedure: The ready-to-use amplification mix already contains the Taq polymerase. From amplification to result, all steps run fully automated in the FluoroCycler®. The subsequent test-specific interpretation of the results is performed by the intuitive Fluoro-Software®.
  • Reliable results: An Internal Control documents the correct extraction of DNA as well as the successful amplification, thus guaranteeing a valid test performance.
  • Flexible application: Single samples as well as big batches can be analysed efficiently with FluoroType® Borrelia.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborate validation studies.