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Bloodchip ID

Bloodchip ID

A multiplex blood group genotyping family of products based on Luminex technology; including kits for the main allelic variants of red blood cells (ID CORE XT, ID RHD XT), human platelet antigens (ID HPA XT), a positive control for ID CORE XT (ID CORE CONTROL), and an accompanying software (BIDS XT).



Quickly progress from DNA to results with a fast and easy operating procedure.

  • Only 4 tubes to pipette
  • No washing or filtration steps
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Approximately 4 hours overall time from DNA to results
  • Minimal hands-on time (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Connect with Luminex to simplify the procedure


Accommodate both donor and patient typing with BLOODchip ID's throughput, flexibility and antigen panels.

  • From 1 to 96 samples per run
  • Multiple product batches – ID CORE XT and ID HPA XT can be performed in the same run
  • Open technology – standard Luminex equipment can be used for other products
  • Multiple search functions – BIDS XT's phenotype and genotype searching tools help find the appropriate units or patients
  • Results by sample or batch of samples with reporting in multiple formats (.xls, .pdf)


Support safe transfusion therapy for patients with a fast and effective solution.

  • 100% accuracy1-3
  • Accurate r's testing in one single test
  • High precision in reproducibility and repeatability2
  • Management of positive and negative controls


Keep track of activity with BIDS XT's comprehensive database for samples, clinical information and test results.

  • Register all actions performed by users
  • Plate configuration, kit and enzyme lot and registration functions help users trace sample, reagents and results
  • Worksheet printouts with calculated volumes support users with the procedure
  • Friendly and detailed reports and raw data graphs provide a detailed comprehension of results