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Blood Collection Bags

Blood Collection Bags

High-quality conventional and Leucored blood bags for collecting and processing whole blood and storing blood components. The Leucored bags include an inline filter to remove leukocytes and other microaggregates during the processing steps to help prevent post-processing filtration.


Top and bottom technology available for simultaneous separation of blood components through the upper and lower part of the main blood bag.

High-quality Standards

Rely on high-quality design and manufacturing to comply with strict international regulatory requirements.

  • Each blood bag is sterilized and individually packaged in clear see-through plastic to guard contents and expedite visual inspection
  • A secondary overwrap of aluminum foil adds extra protection to the plastic-wrapped blood bags


Achieve safer blood components with effective filtration and reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

  • Achieve leukoreduction for the different blood components using filters with multi-layer non-woven polyester membranes
  • Needle protector offers additional safety for staff after the donation is complete
  • Sampling pouch assists in lowering the risk of bacterial contamination

Donor Comfort

Accomplish a smooth insertion, painless puncture.

  • Ultra-thin wall needle provides smooth insertion to improve comfort for donors
  • Latex-free materials help prevent irritation


Correctly identify and trace blood components and products.

  • Numbered tubes provide users with better tracking of semi-finished blood components
  • Bar code labels help accurately track final products