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BioNexia® Rota-Adeno

BioNexia® Rota-Adeno

Aid for rapid, differential diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis. BIONEXIA® Rota-Adeno is a qualitative immunochromatographic test that allows simultaneous detection and differentiation of Rotavirus and Adenovirus in a single stool extract. It offers a doubly simple and doubly reliable solution for rapid diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis. User-friendly, cost-effective procedure for universal practice. Result available after only 10 minutes. State-of-the-art performance. Accurate first-line answer.


Differentiating a bacterial gastroenteritis from a viral form is key to ensure appropriate patient management and treatment. Early diagnosis of viral infection by laboratory testing helps avoid unnecessary use of antimicrobial therapy and contain disease outbreaks. 

Rotavirus group A and Adenovirus serotypes 40 & 41 are a common cause of viral gastroenteritis, with Rotavirus being the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in infants and young children. Guidelines for the management of gastroenteritis recommend the use of Rotavirus and Adenovirus antigen tests as a first-line answer for children under the age of 5, immuno-compromised patients and disease outbreaks investigation in institutions1.

The BIONEXIA® Rota-Adeno test allows rapid detection and differentiation of Rotavirus and Adenovirus in human stool specimens, providing an accurate first-line answer in the management of patients presenting with symptoms of gastroenteritis.