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Bact/Alert® Virtuo® overview 2

Bact/Alert® Virtuo® overview 2

Automated instrument for blood culture. Get ready for a new dimension in blood culture detection: the BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® is seamlessly efficient blood culture technology in one automated system.


BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® ushers in a new dimension of blood culture detection. Almost endlessly versatile it fits into any size lab, even outside the routine microbiology lab. The latest example of ingenuity in automation, VIRTUO™ reduces hands-on time for increased lab efficiency. These benefits can be further boosted through highly sophisticated MYLA® software that puts relevant information from multiple instruments and your LIS at your fingertips, when and where you need it. In these ways and more, BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® seamlessly integrates your blood culture workflow to provide efficient and actionable results to help you achieve better patient outcomes.

Ultimate workflow efficiency

Your laboratory faces some critical challenges these days: higher volumes, need for fast turnaround time and the need to use staff resources effectively. Clinicians and their patients count on you meeting these challenges. To help you do that, BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO®’s intelligent automation ensures your workflow couldn’t be easier.

  • Loading area can take up to forty bottles at a time
  • So straightforward that any lab staff member can load
    • Automated, motion-activated “Set and Forget” loading
    • Intuitive touchscreen offers enhanced ease-of-use
    • Barcode issues corrected on main screen
  • Advanced robotics for automated loading and unloading
    • System knows when bottles are loaded
    • Troubleshoots problems (e.g. a fallen bottle)
  • 360° Smart scanning technology
    • Recognizes bottle and patient accession labels
    • Senses and tracks blood fill level on all bottles
    • Ease of tracking and reporting
  • Positive bottles:
    • Alerts mean you can start work without delay
    • You set on-demand or automated unloading
  • Negative bottles:
    • Automatically unloaded into the removable waste bin
    • Disposal is completely safe thanks to bioMérieux’s shatter resistant bottles

Scalability for any size laboratory

BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® is versatile and scalable for almost any size laboratory – you can even place systems in other locations outside of the routine microbiology lab.

  • Load up to 428 bottles in one instrument
  • Scalability to 1712 with a single user interface


Improve visibility of your testing with MYLA®

The BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO® system comes with two software packages:

1 - Basic stand-alone package:

  • Easy to use
  • Routine reports such as Positive, Negative and Negative to date

2 - Fully integrated MYLA® middleware, so you connect to other bioMérieux instruments and your LIS to gain a “control tower” perspective to ensure information flows smoothly. This eases the administrative burden and optimizes workflow so you manage higher volumes with your existing resources and free your time for more skill-intensive work.

  • Get the whole picture: information at your fingertips 24/7
  • Consolidate patient data for easier and more powerful reporting
    • Total traceability of blood culture workflow
    • Comprehensive blood volume reporting
    • Quality indicator tracking
  • Improves clinical relevance with real-time statistics & quality metrics
  • Contamination tracking further improved with integrated VITEK®  Mass Spec and VITEK® 2 results.