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AutoMate 2500 Family Sample Processing Systems

AutoMate 2500 Family Sample Processing Systems

Automation that fits. When you need to improve efficiency, turn to the AutoMate 2500 family with Intelligent Sample Banking (ISB) software for an automation system that fits your laboratory’s unique needs. With the AutoMate system, you can streamline pre- and post-analytical processes to help you gain optimal performance and use of resources, eliminating steps between sample receipt and analysis. ISB enhances your automated solution by enabling you to build and manage a sample bank with maximum efficiency and security and increased control over sample traceability.


Advanced capabilities

  • Minimize manual handling with automated sample loading and sorting
  • Simplify measuring with through-the-label sample volume detection
  • Enable fast processing with sorting speeds of 800–1,200 tubes per hour
  • Reduce manual sample preparation errors and ensure faster, more accurate secondary tube preparation with intelligent aliquoting* and tube labeling
  • Experience ease of use with intuitive software
  • Transfer sample to archiving safely and conveniently with recapper technology

Single point of entry

  • Manage sample tubes from entry into the laboratory until archiving
  • Re-sort samples for pending test routing or for storage when samples have volume remaining
  • Sort STATs to separate locations
  • Provide sorting flexibility with up to 24 dynamically configurable rack locations
  • Unload and load instrument-specific racks

Tube inspection unit cap color recognition

  • Validate sample type against test ordered to prevent errors with cap color analysis 
  • Detect the newest generation of coded caps

Volume determination

  • Gain better sample control with automated measurement of each samples  volume prior to dispensing into aliquot tube or for storage
  • Ascertain whether all aliquots can be created through automated measurement of plasma or serum volume
  • Allow infrared volume detection of up to three layers of labels on the tube with read-through labels


  • Process up to 900 total samples per hour
  • Create up to seven aliquots per primary tube
  • Measure filling level accurately through conductive tips with graphite fraction
  • Transfer the proper volume for samples with single or multiple tests
  • Prioritize aliquots to ensure most critical samples are created first, if sample volume is minimal
  • Detect clots and route clotted samples for manual processing

Sorting to sample racks

  • Sort to generic 50-tube racks or analyzer racks to accommodate transfers to instruments, other laboratory sections or send-out test requirements through an open system architecture
  • Create up to 150 sorting locations by subdividing 1,200-sample capacity and up to 24 generic racks
  • Freely define and dynamically configure drawers; select the standard 50-position rack or instrument-specific racks
  • Re-sort samples from personality racks after analysis, either to next analyzer or sample storage; determine routing by duration or user-defined destination