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ATB™ test strips

ATB™ test strips

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Strips. Complete range. Rapid results. Cost-effective.


Antibiotic susceptibility testing for veterinary applications.

Your veterinary laboratory is required to perform antibiotic susceptibility testing on a daily basis. bioMerieux has developed a wide range of susceptibility test strips to support your activity.
For your veterinary laboratory, reliable AST means better control of animal disease and risk reduction of human contamination. It allows to asses more easily and rapidly emerging bacterial resistance patterns.
The efficiency of our ATB™ test strips is recognized internationally.

Why choose ATB™ test strips for AST?

Complete range of manual ATB™ test strips

  • More than 30 different strips to test the main antibiotics

Recognized product

  • All rapid ATB susceptibility test meet CLSI standards (Clinical & Laboratory Standard Institute)

Rapid results

  • Visual reading within 18-24 hours

Be smart wiyh resistance™

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